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​Have you ever met someone from the internet IRL? What different nuances exist in these friendships that might not exist in a friendship of someone you met initially IRL?

​Let me toss the idea out that these relationships really shouldn't be that different. At the end of the day we're seeking connection, friendship, and authenticity online.

​I explored some of the nuance of these online relationships in the recent Fandom Communities newsletter — and why it's so important to move beyond the parasocial.

​While the internet provided us so many different ways to make a living — it also normalized parasocial relationships (not cool).

Let's break this norm — starting one conversation at at a time.

And I'll kick it off — let's chat + get to know one another, just for the sake of getting to know one another — see you at creator beer club tomorrow night at Evil Twin Brewing.

See you Wednesday Oct 13, 2021 at 7:00 PM at Evil Twin Brewing, Dumbo.

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