AKA - the only thing that keeps my head on straight when creating content.

full disclosure this is what works for me, but might not be everyone's cup of tea — find something better, use that! Whatever floats your boat, internet friends!

Shared publicly on stream for Mert Bozkir! Check out their site or garden and let's root them on as they write their CFPS!


Overview + Outline


What is this blog about? TWO SENTENCES, MAX!

Who is this story written for?

Audience - who do I give a damn about that I want to read this.

What do they care about?

What does my audience care about? What pet peeves do they have.

Where is this being posted? Distributed?

  • Conferences, Talks, Personal websites, Pitched to outlets,

When is this relevant?

When would someone be looking for this content? Why would they look for it?

Why might someone care about this?

What is someone trying to achieve, and what can you bring to the table thats helpful.

So what new information or context are you adding to this?

Why are you the person who is most relevant to publishing this?

What's next in this space or industry?

What else might someone be interested in?



I use Ottimo, Google Search Console, + Ahrefs to help me figure out what keywords might be relevant. I'm on the free plan for all of these. :)


  • Where are people hanging out that might want to consume this content?
  • What people are currently struggling with this or something related to this?
  • Where can I share this with people that would provide value.