Updates from Erin: September 28, 2021

Lately I've discovered myself exploring (and embracing) all of the different seasons of life that we go through. I'm learning to recognize that life, as much as we'd like it to be filled with rituals and routines, actually moves more as a tango, two steps forward one step back, with the rhythm of freeform jazz, unpredictable yet cohesive.

While the patterns appear inconsistent, I'd argue that we're a largely repeatable species. We like consistency, and looking at a very macro level, tend to have consistent patterns and trends, for better or worse.

As of late β€” I've been exploring the opportunities and potential of Web 3.0, Β through education, understanding, and opportunities.

I'm not quite sure that I have it all figured out yet β€” but I'm also starting to see some things that concern me a bit. Some of which is reflective of the same period of hype that occurred when we claimed that Web 2.0 was democratizing creation as well, (please let me know when we all make millions on our newsletters).

This all being said β€” I'm a don't yuck someone's yum kinda gal, who is all for new inventions and innovations, let's just be transparent, honest, and kind in the way that these innovations are unfolding.

Are you exploring in Web 3.0? Do you have thoughts about the industry?
I'd love to hear what your thoughts are and what's on your mind. Drop me a line/reply to this email and tell me what you're into. πŸ’Œ

See you on the web πŸ„πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ


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