I'm leaning into learning and my strengths not only as an educator but as a lifelong learner. If there's anything I've learned from my time across the pond and after speaking at How to Web, it's that this is my biggest strength and what makes me come alive.

Whether it is teaching others how to build proactive community moderation strategies, diving deep into documentation, or exploring a new skill, that moment when something just ✨clicks✨ is worth it.

Join me every Wednesday at 12 ET for a #HappyBuildHour on Twitch.

I'm taking this love of learning online as I chat with friends, companions, internet creators, strangers, and other curators as we explore what to build together. Β 

Later today, I'll be joined by the one and only Clayton Chambers, founder of Sprezza, as we chat about how to build a newsletter community and then work through some CSS skills to design a curated database of independent brands.

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Tactics for smoother teaching

Too often, we make assumptions about what our target audience or possible students know or don't know. Β As educators or instructors β€” we need to leave all of our assumptions at the door and figure out what is most essential to learn the skill we're instructing as we move forward.

When we have breakthroughs in learning, many times its because we finally have the terminology or the language to discuss the issue that we've been encountering. Β Ever been stuck on an issue simply because you aren't sure what to google? Β You're not alone.

I distinctly remember showing up to an office hour when I was learning how to code and pronounced SQL as "S, Q, L" vs. "see-qual." One group member snickered and left me embarrassed that I had even asked the question.

Some scholars are now referring to this snickering as a sort of linguistic prejudice. Β You're highlighting a perceived deficiency in social class, culture, race, and gender. Not everyone has the same access, resources, or learning background as you, which will cause people to learn differently. Β 

If you're learning, especially in an asynchronous mostly written format, it's natural to pronounce things wrong.

Meet people where they're at β€” empower them to grow. You might also learn a thing or two about your own learning styles in the process. πŸ˜‰ Β  Β 

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Events πŸ“†

  • Office Hours with Abby!
    Mondays by appointment β€” RSVP here.
    The person I go to for all my "WTF DO I DO" work questions is now opening it up to the world (and she's damn good at it, too, so take her up on this!). Abby T. Miller is a coach and consultant helping startups and their people navigate growth and change confidently and even calmly. (Yes, it’s possible!) This happens every Monday, book time here, or follow Abby on LinkedIn.
  • Building a Newsletter Community with Clayton Chambers
    Wednesday, Oct 5, 2022 β€” 9 AM PT / 12 PM ET / 4 PM GMT β€” RSVP
    ​Join me as I chat with Clayton Chambers, founder of Sprezza as he chats about how he built the community behind his newsletter, what's next and learning curves along the way.

    We'll also break down and build in public some of Clayton's next project β€” a curated database of top independent brands.
  • Running Developer Communities with Discord (Workshop)
    Thurs, Oct 13, 2022 β€” 10-12 PST / 1-3 PM ET / 5-7 PM GMT β€” RSVP
    Whether you are considering Discord for your community or already running a Discord community and want to get more out of the tool, this workshop will provide you with the tips and insights you need. Join the CFE.dev team and me as I walk you through using Discord to manage developer and technical communities.
    Sponsored by Common Room.

Digital Garden Updates 🌱

I keep a fairly spontaneous digital garden publicly on obsidian to learn in public. None of these are polished or edited, but a way for me to get my thoughts out and continuously learn and explore. Β  Here are some of the latest entries.

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