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Erin Mikail Staples is a developer advocate, community human, tech educator, and comedian living in Brooklyn, NYC๐Ÿ—ฝ by way of Reno, NV ๐Ÿค .

She currently โœจ looking for her next adventureโœจ in open source, developer relations/developer communities, or technical education. Erin hosts the DevRel(ish) podcast, and performs and produces comedy in NYC.

Erin's various shenanigans have taken her to speaking at events like PyData Berlin, and PyCon, garnered Jeff Staple's attention, appeared in The New York Times, broadcasted across the sound waves on the Practical AI podcast, or in USA Today's Storytellers Project, exist in the archive of the Museum of Alternate History and her mom's dogs's Instagram account.
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If community teams are among the first to go โ€” what does this mean for the once-exploding market of community tools? It used to take up headline after headline: splashy VC funds were announced supporting this growing sector, and companies worked to edge their way into a companyโ€™s budget....